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What we did

The diversity of our projects will show you that what type of solution we provided to corporate sector and why we say we are the part of solution every where and any where.


A.                  B2B solution to corporate.

B.                   ERP solution implementation with full support of industry standard EDI.

C.                  ASP. (Application Service provider).

D.                  Corporate training in IT sector, office automation and computerized MIS sector.

E.                   Heterogeneous networking.

F.                   Data transformation from mainframe to PC. And vice versa.

G.                  Designing and implementation of complete corporate treasury solution.

H.                  Complete digital interface (hardware and software) solution to manufacturing industries.

I.                    E-Commerce and M-Commerce solution.

J.                    Providing trained HR to industry in the field of IT and ERP sector.

K.                  Studying the internal controls and procedure, documenting them and implementing them with our computerized system.

L.                   Complex data transformation using MSDTS

M.                 Complete system of bar coding from scanning, printing to integrating in online system.

N.                  Automating complex reports on simple spreadsheet.

O.                  Back end data transformation from many old DB to new DB e.g. Oracle® and MS SQL Server 2000, keeping front end intact.


These are the solution we provide to local, national and multinational organization, in there respective localized environment.